Full-Time Counseling

The Full Time Counseling Program gives the client and his or her family my full-time attention with unlimited access through e-mail, telephone calls and personal meetings, if needed, for both the student and parents. Counseling will continue throughout the college admission process and beyond if needed.

After the individual consultation, some families decide that more comprehensive and ongoing support will be advantageous in the college admissions process for the student and parents.  The discussion of goals, expectations and the counseling process is welcome prior to making a commitment to the Full-Time Counseling option.

Over the course of one to four years the process includes:

  • Continuous educational planning as the student progresses through high school.

  • Working with the student and parents through issues that may arise in the process.

  • Creating an appropriate list of colleges and universities for the student and making adjustments to the list based on the student’s research, college visits, test scores, grades and changing interests over time.

  • Preparing the student and parents for college visits and interviews.

  • Guiding students on the preparation of college applications, especially the on-line Common Application.

  • Guiding students through the college essay process.

  • Discussing Early Decision and Early Action options and whether they fit for you.

  • Discussing need-based financial aid process, merit scholarships and athletic scholarships if appropriate.

  • Working with the student on selection of the schools to which he/she has gained admittance.

  • How to approach a college ‘Wait-list’ situation.

  • Introducing the student to private school post-graduate (PG) options if need be and providing guidance through the PG process.

  • Helping the student transition into college, including help with course selection, freshman programs, athletic transition and keeping up with the continuing paperwork and correspondence that is vital before the student begins attending classes at the college or university.

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Jim Schaefer